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Important! Here Are 4 Reasons You Should Hide Your IP Address

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About two out of three people in the world use the Internet in their daily life. Whether to get information, add insight, as a means of entertainment, greet friends through social media,[Read More...]

About VPN, Which Claims To Get Around Social Media Access Restrictions

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There were rumors circulating on WhatsApp the last day about the use of VPN applications to circumvent restrictions on public access to social media and internet-based messaging applications by the government, to prevent incitement and hoaxes amid anarchist demonstrations by groups that rejected the results of the 2019 presidential election in Jakarta. [Read More...]

What Can Happen If Someone Knows Your IP Address

check ip address
IP Address or Internet Protocol Address is a series of binary numbers between 32-bit to 128-bit which is used as an identification address for each host computer in the Internet network. [Read More...]